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About us.....

Lynne is a lifetime learner twenty five years into a journey in jewelry making that has evolved from beading and chainmaille thru metal smithing and lapidary.  Her recent adventures include an exploration of enamelling and lampwork glass techniques.


Lynne's repertoire of unique jewelry encompasses darling dainties to bold statement pieces in classic, organic and travel inspired designs.  

The a most recent waypoint on Lynne's metal smithing journey has seen her upscaling her jewelry making processes to produce sculptural size artwork - aka jewelry for your home!
Whispering Elms Studio creations can be found in private collections throughout Canada and the USA as well as many countries worldwide (Argentina, Australia, Denmark, England, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands, to name just a few!)  

Whispering Elms Studio.....  creating unique jewelry for extraordinary individuals. 


A sampling of our past work ....

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