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About us.....

Thought we'd share a little bit about us.....


One of my deepest and oldest passions is to collect beautiful gemstones from around the world. 

To keep these treasures close to my heart, my jewelry making adventure commenced in the realm of beading and wire work. 


Yes..... this is where it all started about 25 years ago.  OK..... so I admit, there were a few macrame and wooden bead projects back in the 70's !!!

Wind .....​

My love of chains and woven metal started me along the path of chain maille.  Then..... a trip to Scotland really ignited my passion !!!  My work expanded from simple bracelets into earrings, medallions,  pendants, necklaces and watches in a variety of patterns including Byzantine, Parallel Weave, Celtic Barrel and European 4-in-1. 


Most of my work is in Sterling Silver (925) but I have also ventured into Copper, Bronze and Brass as well as stretchy rubber.


Trivia time..... use of chain maille for jewelry (vs amour for warriors) has been attributed to  none other than ..... Sir William Shakespeare !!!

Fire .....

​​My current passion is metal smithing.... working with Silver, Copper, and Bronze, torch in hand.  My collection includes fold-formed leaves and flowers, hand forged bracelets, rings and neck wires.  I have also done a number of custom pieces including antique coin settings and family jewelry.​

I'm currently expanding my horizons to include  Bronze castings, etching, and enameling.  In reality.... I'm open to trying almost any technique for making jewelry !!! 

My "better half" is now geared up and doing some lapidary work (cutting & polishing gemstones) .... let the fun begin !!!. 


Our latest adventure (stay tuned for great things to come!)..... is blacksmithing !!! 

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