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Back to the Studio I Go.....

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Good afternoon to one and all – hope all goes well on this beautiful snowy day?! Time for an update? Hmmm….. the holidays are but a pleasant memory, the tree and decorations are down and safely stowed away for another year and the January goof off time is over. Back to the studio I go!!!

I did manage to re-jig my photo studio in January. I’m hoping that I can come up with passable shots in much less time. Sometimes it feels like I spend as much time trying to take a few reasonable pictures as I do making my treasures. Definitely some room for improvement there! Here’s my first attempt in the new studio. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Well I best get back to the studio cleanup. Things always seem to get totally out of control over the holidays…. too many projects on the go and way too little time to tidy up the creative mess!!! I must admit things were getting to a critical point though…. I didn’t have any open bench space left in the studio!!! Things are looking better…. well at least I think they do. Just a few last things to stow away…..YAY!!!

Tomorrow I think I’ll start the annual shop cleanup and put away my new toys.... oops..... I mean tools. Maybe I’ll even get some time to play!!!

Thanks for reading this far..... until we chat again....

Please take care and stay well…

Lynne & Little Miss Daisy XXOO woof

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