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Whispering Elms Studio

.....unique jewelry for extraordinary individuals


Mixed Metal Sunflower Pendant

Whispering Elms Studio works in an ever expanding variety of mediums to create our treasures.   Our on-line gallery contains a sampling of our jewelry including :


  • metal smithing

  • chain maille, and

  • beaded jewelry. 

IOGKF MonOmania Eh.....

IOGKF Mon Necklace

​​Proud creator of IOGKF jewelry since 2005!  Be the first in your dojo to wear Whispering Elms Studio.....


To purchase our IOGKF jewelry line you may now: 


  • Purchase on-line either on this website or via my Etsy site "MonOmaniaEh"

  • Contact us directly, or

  • Find us at an IOGKF Canada event.


FIND US.....

Art Space 106, Niagaa-on-the-Lake

Whispering Elms Studio jewelry can be found in a couple galleries in the Canadian Niagara Region including:

  • Art Space 106, Niagara-on-theLake

  • Unique Creations, Ridgeway

  • RiverBrink Art Museum, Queenston 


We also frequent a number of shows through out the year.  Check back periodically for details.

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