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Our Collections.....

Natural Gemstones

One of my deepest and oldest passions is to collect beautiful gemstones from around the world. 

To keep these treasures close to my heart, my jewelry making adventure commenced in the realm of beading and wire work.  


Setting natural stones that we have cut and polished ourselves are a special favorite of mine!

Chains & Chainmaille

​​My love of chains and woven metal started me along the path of chain maille.  Then..... a trip to Scotland really ignited my passion !!!  My work expanded from simple bracelets into earrings, medallions,  pendants, necklaces and watches in a variety of patterns including Byzantine, Parallel Weave, Celtic Barrel as well as European 4-in-1. 

Most of my work is in Sterling Silver (925) but I have also ventured into Copper, Bronze and Brass as well as stretchy rubber.​​

Metal Smithing

​​My current passion is metal smithing.... working with Silver, Copper, Bronze and Steel, torch in hand. 


My repetoire includes fold-formed leaves and flowers, hand forged bracelets, rings and neck wires, etched elements and bronze castings.


Vitreous Adventures

I've recently expanded my horizons to include vitreous enamelling and lampwork bead making.  When I can't find the colour and shape of bead I'm looking for.....  I make it myself !!! 

Sculptural Art

The most recent waypoint on my metal smithing journey.... upscaling of my jewelry making processes to create sculptural art work --- aka jewelry for the home!

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